Longing of My Soul

Deep within me The river of my soul Runs warm and free Love and joy Freedom from pain Unrestrained bliss And there’s a thin current Burns with ice Bitter salty tears Heartache and agony Longing for those far away It is a part of me I carry all of it My joy and my pain…

What I Want

Recently, I started wondering what I want. What do I really want? I don’t really know. I want sunshine On my face I want time With my loves I want to learn Divine knowledge I want to heal Deep, penetrating scars I want to share My heartsong I want to guide Lost and painful souls…

Drops of Truth

Little bits of anxiety Plant a pretty flower Dreams and fantasies Gaining so much power Yellow, orange, and red Roses bloom in the summer Pangs of memories Better left forgotten Why can’t I fight this fear With present day shine

Thoughts of You

My heart will seize My eyes will burn Tasteless tears in my dreams Screaming for humanity My soul cries for reconciliation My mind strains in contemplation You can cut me Hit me Set me on fire Naught will compare My Self is full of longing The greatest joy Brings the greatest pain My lips crave…

Welcome to Mystic Dreams

Welcome to Mystic Dreams. This is a blog centered around exploring my darker side and my lighter side.